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What You Need To Know Before Visiting Togo

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Visiting Togo which is a very small country in West Africa. A combination of its small size, good road networks and great transport system can ensure that you traverse its entire length and breadth in a day, but once you’re in the country, the last thing you’ll want to do is spend just a day in this beautiful country.

Bubbling with life and the cheerful smiles of people from 40 different tribes, the unconventional beauty of Togo is better experienced than described. Rugged hiking terrains, gorgeous beaches adorned with palm-trees, beautiful lakes, and traditional savannahs are some of the charms offered up by this country.

Visiting Togo

Togo is a great place to experience Africa for the first time and if you’re planning your first trip to this country, here are a few things to know before you pack up your bags.

Security in Visiting Togo

Visiting Togo is pretty safe and you should reasonably expect to be allowed to carry out your business without any form of harassment in most parts of the country. Most parts, with the capital Lome being the clear exception. Tourists have regularly found themselves getting mugged on public beaches, while traveling at night carries its own risks.

Be very vigilant and careful when vacationing in the capital. To avoid getting mugged, avoid visiting public beaches.

Visiting Togo also poses its own very unique security risk in the form of traffic. Road transport is typically chaotic in the country and the inevitable result is a high turnover of vehicles involved in accidents. If you’re not familiar with the roads or practices of other road users, it may be best to hire a taxi.


Medical facilities in the country are adequate. However, it pays to take precautions, to prevent any illness that’ll cut short your trip. For starters, avoid drinking tap water in Togo. Instead, drink bottled water or sachet water, called ‘Pure Water’. Roadside food may not have been cooked properly, or with proper amounts of hygiene. So it is best to avoid them.

Mosquitoes are present in their numbers in Togo, so be prepared for them.  In addition to anti-malaria drugs, pack repellents or a mosquito net.

Visa Requirements in Visiting Togo

You’ll be able to enter Togo without a visa if you’re from certain African countries including the following: Nigeria, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Mali, Liberia, Ghana, etc.

If you’re not from any of the listed countries, you can obtain a visa when you arrive in the country. The visa is granted for an original period of 7 days, but this period can be extended on request.

People and Culture

Just like most African societies, Togolese people attach a whole lot of significance to greeting. However, the difference is that Togolese people make their greetings really elaborate affairs. The people are prepared to stop and say hello to you. No matter how many times in a day they see you. And it is considered extremely poor taste to not greet or accept greetings in turn. Don’t also forget to offer and accept handshakes when exchanging pleasantries with the people.

Togo people

Togo is quite liberal, despite being mostly Muslim. Nevertheless, the people value modesty and revealing clothes are likely to attract more than a few stares.

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