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Traditional African Crafts To Do With Your Kids

These children’s African Culture handicrafts reveal more about the region’s rich and diverse history! African art encompasses sculpture, painting, pottery, rock art, textiles, masks, personal decoration, and jewellery, all of which are indigenous to Africa, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa. Africa’s art is tough to categorise because it is such a large continent with so many diverse… Read More Traditional African Crafts To Do With Your Kids

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Art From Africa’s Heritage

The importance of traditional heritage art in African culture cannot be overstated. Most rites and celebrations are incomplete without powerful visual imagery, which includes dancing, singing, and storytelling. Weapons or emblems, prestige, and religious significance can all be found in works of art. Sculptures, paintings, “fetishes,” masks, figurines, and decorations are among the many forms… Read More Art From Africa’s Heritage