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Traditional African Crafts To Do With Your Kids

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These children’s African Culture handicrafts reveal more about the region’s rich and diverse history! African art encompasses sculpture, painting, pottery, rock art, textiles, masks, personal decoration, and jewellery, all of which are indigenous to Africa, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa. Africa’s art is tough to categorise because it is such a large continent with so many diverse countries and civilizations. As a result, “African Art” refers to art from Sub-Saharan African crafts in general.

The pervasiveness of pictures and sculpting of the human form, a greater emphasis on statuary rather than painting, esoteric ideas and depictions, merging pictorial and accomplishment art and design, and non-linear scaling are only a few of the characteristics of Art history.

Aspects Of African Crafts Art That Are Important

Ghanaians carry on the custom by building brightly coloured, individually designed cremation caskets based on the wishes and personalities of the deceased. Caskets are made from fish, automobiles, birds, and other items that belonged to the deceased.

Modern African art is sometimes overlooked by purchasers who are more interested in foreign items, and some buyers wrongly believe that their art is influenced by Modern Western painters such as Picasso, when in fact the opposite is true.

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In Zambia, art is a prized pastime, and practitioners frequently use found items as inspiration. Cynthia Zukas founded the Lechwe Trust to support artists and provide resources for their artistic endeavours.

The Dogon make complex metal sculptures, but they keep them hidden because they are religious.


Painting thrives in stable settlements, but Sub-Saharan Africa’s legacy is marred by protracted waves of migration and tangled land ownership. Paintings and huge sculptures are not transportable, but pots, mats, garments, stools, back seats, other essential element objects are.

Westerners reacted positively to cultures that produced art and architecture. When they first saw African cultures, they applied their own ideas and determined that the continent lacked “art,” choosing instead “craft,” ethnographic study artefacts studied as social artefacts, and “idols” or “fetishes.”

Making An Ancient African Handicraft With Your Children

Houses in African Crafts that Have Been Painted

These children’s antique African handicrafts tell us more about the region’s rich and colourful history! Play games, create art, and have fun! Krokotak has a nice and easy-to-make activity for you! Make several of these stays and you will feel as if you are in an African town! This is a really flexible project, and kids can create any designs they choose.

Use a paper roll to make an African mask

These outfits are made entirely of toilet paper rolls, believe it or not. These appear to be quite realistic!! African masks are used as decorative pieces in many countries, but specialised masks are used for unique rites and rituals in Africa. The instructions for making these can be found at Dzieciaki W Domu.

African-style thumb piano

To introduce the orchestra to your home, build and perform these Homemade Band Gadgets for Toddlers! They’re also musicians!. That’s the ‘Mbira,’ a traditional instrument played with the fingers on metal forks by Indigenous musicians. You may make your own miniature duplicate of this keyboard out of bangs with the help of this Thrifty Higher effective.

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African Djembe Drums

Djembe means ‘to gather in harmony, however, these drummers are usually utilised to provide joy and serenity to all. West African craft home to this goblet-shaped drum. Create various variations of this drummer, akin to Domu’s endeavour.

African Mask Collage Project

Another Tribal mask project has been made by Environmental Children Art. Because African masks are often quite large, you might follow along with this activity and create a gigantic collage. Make a lovely mask by experimenting with various painting products.

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