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Where Does Traditional African Food Come From? 

Many African meals contain cornmeal, and they all revolve around curries, meats, and broths. The majority of traditional African food consists of starchy foods, fish, meat, and a variety of spices and herbs! South Africa Cuisine: Droewors (Dutch Sausage):  Droewors are a sort of sausage made in the Netherlands. You can prepare this traditional African… Read More Where Does Traditional African Food Come From? 

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Traditional African Cuisine

African Cuisine Is A Kaleidoscope Of Tastes, Textures, And Aromas. Fruits (bananas, melons), fibre- and starch-rich vegetables (cassava, sweet potatoes, beans), grains (sorghum, millet), and meat are the most popular. While traditional African cuisine is mostly vegetable-based, fried or cooked meat is only used as a garnish or to prepare the broth. Lamb, mutton, pork,… Read More Traditional African Cuisine

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Traditional Southern African – Namibian Cuisine

Despite the fact that Namibian Cuisine does not exist, it has become a household name in southern Africa, especially in Namibia. Namibian cuisine is primarily influenced by different ethnic groups, as well as South African and, last but not least. Namibian cuisine can be classified into many categories based on their influences. Over the course… Read More Traditional Southern African – Namibian Cuisine