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African Citizenship

Learn all you need to know about obtaining South African citizenship, including all of the prerequisites and how to submit a citizenship application. Unless you were born in South Africa or had South African parents, you will not be accepted. After five years of possessing a permanent residence visa in South Africa, you can apply… Read More African Citizenship

Promoting Africa

African Celebrities: 10 Celebrities Making A Difference in Africa

Africa produces some of the world’s most talented artists, athletes, and campaigners. These African celebrities are trying to better their lives in a variety of fields, from the media to politics. The Borgen Project has compiled a list of the top ten African celebrities to keep an eye on. Sudanese Supermodel Alek Wek: Wek escaped… Read More African Celebrities: 10 Celebrities Making A Difference in Africa


Africa Business Opportunities

Let’s discuss Africa Business Opportunities. Any dodgy politician, crooked bureaucracy; it’s no longer only about the amount of your bank account. In Africa, the term “millionaire” has taken on a new connotation. On the continent, a dishonest salesman might simply pretend to be a millionaire. However, Africa’s young and burgeoning millionaires aren’t only interested in… Read More Africa Business Opportunities

Ataafi Foundation

What Does The African Wildlife Foundations Do?

Wildlife foundations and natural regions in Africa are little more than lovely animals and sceneries. Provide very critical ecological services that allow humans as well as wildlife to live. The Difficulties Are As Follows: Payroll processing was done mostly in-house, which created inefficiencies and technological difficulties. Payroll providers were used by AWF in some areas,… Read More What Does The African Wildlife Foundations Do?

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Evaluation Of African’s Wildlife – Foundation

The Afrotropical region, which encompasses the continent south of the Sahara and the southwestern portion of Arabia, and the Madagascan region are both parts of the zoographic area known as the Paleotropical realm. The continent also comprises the southern half of the Palaearctic (Old World) area of the Holarctic realm (i.e., the Northern Hemisphere’s lands),… Read More Evaluation Of African’s Wildlife – Foundation

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African Politics: Organization Of African Unity

Africa’s Unity Organization South Africa became a member of the OAU in 1994; the Charter of African Unity (supplemented by six resolutions) officially declared the right of African peoples to decide one own ultimate fate, to strive besides advancement, and to maintain peace and stability; goals: strengthening unity and solidarity, trying to defend sovereignty and… Read More African Politics: Organization Of African Unity